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How to Grow Geranium Psilostemon

The flowers known as the geranium psilostemon is commonly called Bressingham Flair. These flowers are easily grown in almost any soil type; the only real requirement is that the soil be dry and not too wet. The geranium psilostemon will also require a lot of sunshine, though they will also grow in partial shade, as long as there are times during the day when they are receiving full sun.

The leaves of the geranium psilostemon are rounded, and depending on the type of flower you will find that the leaves will come in a variety of different colors and shades, including green, red and burgundy. The leaves of these flowers are also very fragrant, which is one of the reasons they are a popular landscaping flower. These perennials flowers will bloom in brilliant shades of burgundy, with their flowering season being from early summer to late summer.

To fertilize the geranium psilostemon you will need water based, quick release fertilizer; you may also choose to use a temperature controlled, slow release fertilizer, as well as organic substances. When using the quick release, water based fertilizers you will need to feed these flowers about every two weeks throughout the growing season.

For best results it is necessary to plant the geranium psilostemon in full sun, which in most cases will be on the south or west side of your house. Although you can plant these flowers in areas that only receive partial sun, the result may be less foliage that is not quite as vibrant. For full sun you will need to plant in an area that receives at least six hours of sunlight each day, if you choose to plant in partial sun, the area will need to get at least three hours of sunlight each day.

These types of flowers do not require a lot of water, though you will have to water at times. In most areas it would not be a good idea to rely completely on natural rainfall, but at the same time you will not need to water these flowers a lot. In fact, if you waterlog the soil you will end up having problems with the geranium psilostemon. When watering you will want to wait until the soil is completely dry, and during the watering you will need to use a sprinkler so that you are watering slowly, letting the moisture get to the roots. If you try and water quickly you may end up with the topsoil washing away.

To prepare the soil for planting the geranium psilostemon you will need to ensure that the soil drains well, if it doesn’t it may be necessary to add some sand to help with preventing waterlogged soil. About two weeks before you are ready to plant you will want to add a thin layer of compose to the soil so that it will have enough nutrients to encourage good growth.

Once your flowers come up, you will need to spend some time removing weeds and thinning out the plants. This helps to encourage new and healthy growth. The best time to plant geranium psilostemon is in the spring, or early fall. If you plant in the spring you may not get many blooms the first year, which is why some people plant in the fall. When planting in the fall, ensure that it is early enough that when the flowers sprout, the frost will not kill them outright and you will have plenty of flowers the following spring.

After your flowers bloom, keep close watch for disease and pests so that you can address the problem as soon as possible and prevent the problem from killing your flowers. With proper care, the geranium psilostemon is a colorful and easy flower to grow.



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