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Geranium Biokovo: A Dream in Pink and White

The geranium biokovo belongs to the geranium family which in itself embraces around 400 varieties.

Documents from ancient times and the middle ages show that the first types of geranium were already known back then and were actually used as natural remedy. Especially when a person was suffering from bleeding, skin rash or tumors, medication containing geranium was used as treatment. Even women who were unable to become pregnant were given geranium tea in the hopes of conceiving. While we do not heal tumors with geranium medications any more, it is still used as home remedy for colds, sore throats and pain in the ear.

The type geranium biokovo is a hybrid version of the very few original geranium varieties that were known in old documents. Over time scientists and biologists have bread and crossed several flowers and plants to create the wide selection of colors, leaves, blossoms and strength. There are geraniums that can survive rough winters, and other types that handle heat very well - there is a geranium for every garden!

While the geranium family was already a popular garden plant in Europe during the 15th century, the first real cultivated once appeared in the 18th and 19th century. This was the time where new versions such as the geranium biokovo were created which are stunning to look at and perfect to decorate your living area.

The popularity of the various geranium types is just like fashion - every season there is a new variety to be discovered, or an old one to be reviewed. Due to its pink and white colors, the geranium biokovo has never really been 'out', while brown and darker varieties have virtually disappeared in the European area.

While the flowers are native in Europe, they have spread all over the world by now. No matter which type is chosen for gardening planting, all geranium types are fairly easy to handle and relatively low-maintenance. You should ask in a gardening store about the different types and which variety is best for your climate zone and soil. While the plants are of different kinds, they all have the two main things in common: They are durable and they hardly suffer from disease. This is why flowers like the geranium biokovo are ideal for gardening beginners or people who want a colorful garden without a lot of fuss. They are also perfect for pot planting, on the balcony, and even grow well in rockery. Most varieties grow best in semi-shady areas so that they can be planted under large trees or in the middle of higher growing plants. But do not panic if you cannot provide shade- there are plenty of geranium varieties that can easily handle a lot of sun and heat.

It is important to trim the flower after the blooming season; otherwise it will not have flowers in the following year. Trimming also prevents any possible disease and pest, and a good trim is always rejuvenating and energizing for a plant.

As mentioned earlier, there are also kinds of geranium that survive colder winters. Some of them were originally created in colder regions such as England and Scandinavia. Thus, they can handle rain, long periods of low sunlight and of course frosty winters. It is certainly not guaranteed that the plant will survive, but at least you have a fair chance. The geranium biokovo is one of those who can take a cool breeze and can survive winters at around 15°F. It gets quite critical below that, but it is not impossible to see the plant blossom beautifully in the following spring.



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